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Various Safety Measures undertaken at GCPTCL include:

  • Well laid Disaster Management Plan.

  • Fire Fighting System with Hydrants, fire tenders, Alarms, Gas Detection System, etc.

  • Independent Fire Control Installation. Fire Monitor Towers equipped with Motorized Fire Monitors located on each Berthing Dolphin are supplied with water and foam. These are Remotely Operable from Fire-fighting Panel located in Jetty Control Room.
  • 4 Nos. specialized Pneumatic Fenders of 9.5 m length to provide sufficient cushion to the piling system and ensure safe berthing and stay of vessel alongside at all times.

  • Pedestal Crane: 1.5 MT SWL Hydraulically operated crane provided on Berthing Dolphin BD3 for emergency transfer of personnel from ship to shore.

  • The Traffic Room, visualizing the Jetty Head is located in Jetty Control Room and protected by FM200 Fire Extinguishing System.

Fire Fighting Drill in Progress

  • HAZOP Study, Risk Analysis, Directional Wave Study, Sea-bed & Oceanographic Studies, Mathematical Model Studies by CWPRS, Environmental Impact Assessment Studies, etc. Conducted & appropriate measures taken.

  • Final Bathymetry survey completed to ensure depths and no obstructions in the vicinity.

  • Provision of stand-by electricity power supply.



GCPTCL is a green field project, which had undertaken the activities for protection of environment from the planning stage itself.

A View of Green Belt

  • A green belt developed over a large area of 37 hectares by planting about 100,000 trees of 60 various species.

  • Effluent Treatment Plant established, discharge from which is used for plantation.

  • Flare for incineration of Hydrocarbons provided.

  • Impact assessment conducted by M/s National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur.

  • Clearances obtained from the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ), etc.

GCPTCL Guest House




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