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Facilities Onshore
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Offshore - Marine Jetty
Jetty from Sea Side
Single Berth Jetty with a Height of 20 Mtrs. above Chart Datum and a large service platform accommodating seven unloading / loading arms, etc., which can cater to ships of various sizes, makes & standards.
Vessel Size

Between 6,000 to 60,000 DWT

LOA between 111 – 215 Meters
Beam any size
Location of Jetty

Latitude : 021 deg. 41.5 Min North

Longitude : 072 deg. 30.5 Min East
Hydrographic chart : Indian Chart No. 2039, 2044, 2082
B.A. Chart No. 1486. NP-38, West Coast of India.
Anchorage Point 1 ˝ Nautical Miles West of Jetty
Layout of Jetty Head Layout of Jetty Head
Unloading /
Loading Arms
Loading Arms - Stretched

Seven Unloading / Loading Arms which are Quick Connect / Disconnect type, to be press fitted / clamped in ship’s manifold & are equipped with Emergency Release System. These Unloading / Loading Arms can also be used for other compatible products.

# Chemical Size
Material of
1 Caustic Lye 8 Carbon Steel
2 Methanol Aniline 6 SS - 304
3 Propylene/Propane 10 Alloy Steel
4 Nephtha/Kerosene 30 Carbon Steel
5 Butadiene 6 Carbon Steel
6 N-Paraffin/Mixed Xylene 6 Carbon Steel
7 Benzene/Styrene 10 Carbon Steel
4 nos. Yokohama Pneumatic Fenders attached to Fender Frames of the Berthing Dolphins.
Breasting Dolphins,
Mooring Dolphins,
Hooks & Capstans

Breasting Dolphins: 4 nos.

Mooring Dolphins: 4 nos.
Quick release Mooring Hooks with Capstans are provided on each Mooring & Breasting Dolphin, equipped with computerized load monitoring system
All Dolphins connected to the Service Platform by high-level walkways to allow access in all sea conditions.
Marine Gangway
Telescopic, hydraulically operated, marine gangway, which is adjustable - to cope with tidal variations - is provided for easy and safe access to-and-fro ship.
Pedestal Crane 1.5 MT SWL Hydraulically operated crane provided on Berthing Dolphin BD3 for emergency transfer of personnel from ship to shore and lifting of spares / stores.

Jetty Control Room

Jetty Control Room

Located 125m east of the Jetty Head for central monitoring & controlling all activities on the Jetty platform.

Equipped with MLMS, MTMS & Works Station for Automation.
Comprises of Radio Room / Traffic Room, VHF receiver, Navtex receiver, Automatic Weather Recording Station.
Main 500 KVA Transformer & Load Break Switch, the MV Switchboard, emergency DG Set.
Protected by FM200 Fire Extinguishing System.
Remote control for tower mounted water monitors and fire water curtain at service platform.
Other facilities
Port Operation & Management Services providing Pilots / Master Marine, Radio operators, Mooring men, Tugs, Pilot Launch, Mooring Launch, etc.
Provision of Fresh Water and Minor Repairs to the ships
Provision for Ship Chandelling and Store Supplies, extra mooring ropes, etc.
Facility of custom house, shipping agents, surveyours etc.
VHF Communication : VHF channels 16 and 77

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